Martin Ancestors in the Revolutionary War.

A preliminary list...
This research has been some of the most enjoyable and fulfilling. I never dreamed that 17 (and likely more) ancestors in the Martin line (this does not include our mother's ancestors on the Allen line) fought in the revolutionary war. Several were at the historic battles of Lexington, Concord, and Bunker Hill. At least one was with Washington at Valley Forge. Of these 17 two were killed and several were wounded. Martin ancestors played a part in the founding of this country and the war that gave her birth. I shall not wax excessively patriotic here, only to say that you can be proud in knowing that the blood of your ancestors was spilled on the grounds of revolutionary battlefields to buy us the freedom that we now enjoy.

These are those I have found:

1. Hugh Martin Sr (the immigrant) born about 1750 died about 1825. His granddaughter is listed as a member of the D.A.R. by his military service. We know very little about him. He was born in Ireland and came to the colonies in the mid 1700s. He served in the continental army during the revolution. He married a women from Sussex county NJ about the year 1800. He moved to Northumberland NY in 1810 and with his wife had two children, one of whom was our (my) 3rd Great Grandfather who was also named Hugh (b1809). Hugh Martin "the immigrant" was our (my) 4th Great grandfather.

2. Enos Goodale. Historic documents state: “The following marched to Cambridge in the alarm of April 19, 1775(Lexington and Concord)...Enos Goodale." Enos marched to Saratoga, in Captain Drury's company,in September, 1777. Listed on the Temple NH Revolutionary War Monument as a "hero" of the war. He was the Grandfather of the above mentioned Elijah Goodell and our (my) 6th Great grandfather.

3. Elijah Goodale Sr born October 20th, 1753. Was a member of the Training Band of Jeffrey, N.H. 1784. “The following marched to Cambridge on the alarm of April 19, 1775 (Lexington and Concord)... Elijah Goodale" Unfortunately no officer’s name could be cited to validate his wartime roll status when his wife attempted to collect his pension after his death. His grand-daughter Sally Goodell (1811) would marry the above mentioned Hugh Martin Jr (1809) And they would have our (my) 2nd Great Grandfather named George M. Martin. Elijah was our (my) 5th Great grandfather.

4. Moses Stickney was born in 1729 in Boxford Mass. Stickney family members state that Moses was present at the battle of Bunker Hill. According to Massachusetts Archives, Moses was a private, not with the Massachusetts regiment, but with Rhode Island. Boxford MA was about 20 miles from Boston Harbor where the battle took place. Serving under Colonel Daniel Whiting and Captain William Thurlo, Moses could have been present with that regiment at Bunker Hill. The Daughters of the American Revolution lists Moses Stickney as a patriot (“DAR Patriot Index” 1966 edition). Also listed as patriots by the DAR are his 5 sons, Moses Stickney Jr. (b1751), Simon Stickney (b1753), Lemuel Stickney (b1761), Paul Stickney (b1763), and Eliphalet Stickney (b1773 10 years old at the end of the Revolution 1783). Moses Stickney was the father of Elizabeth Stickney who married the above mentioned Elijah Goodall and was our (my) 5th Great Grandmother. Moses was our (my) 6th Great grandfather.

5. Ezekial Goodale (b1745) brother of Elijah Goodale Sr. and served as a Captain in the Revolutionary War. Ezekiel Goodale began as a private in Col. Benjamin Tupper's regiment in Mass. Militia 1775. Served as a Lieut. in June 1777 in Capt. Isaac Frey's Co., Col. Seamon's N.H. Line, Continental Establishment. Served until 1778 when he was discharged at Valley Forge PA after the battle of Monmouth. Listed on the Temple NH Revolutionary War Monument as a hero of the war. Ezekiel was the brother and son of the above mentioned Elijah and Enos Goodell. He was not in our direct line.

6. Henry Davis (b1757) was in the battle of Bunker Hill (at the legendary "rail fence" at the top of Breeds Hill) under Stark. He belonged to Colonel Reed's New Hampshire regiment. He served over two years in the revolutionary army, and in 1780 was with the troops on the Hudson at the surrender of the British at Saratoga. He was at West Point during the treason of Benedict Arnold. Listed on the Temple NH Revolutionary War Monument as a hero of the war. His daughter Dolly Tuttle Davis married Hiland Hall, US congressman and the Governor of Vermont. Henry Davis was the grandfather of the above mentioned Sally Goodell and was our (my) 5th Great grandfather.

7. Captain Leonard Proctor, (b1734) Massachusetts Militia. Responded to the first call for troops and served as lieutenant at the "siege of Boston." Took part in the battles of Lexington, Trenton, and Monmouth. He was second lieutenant in Capt. Minot's company which marched from Westford in the alarm of 19 Apr 1775 (Lexington). In 1780 he was a member of the Committee of Safety and on the committee to take under consideration the new form of government. Leonard was a Selectman of Westford in 1770, 1778 and 1779. He was born in Chelmsford, lived in Westfield, Mass., during the Revolution, and died in Proctorsville Vt a town he founded. His son Solomon Proctor (b1774) was a Captain in the War of 1812. Leonard Proctor was the grandfather of Annett Flanders who was the wife of George Martin (they were the parents of Harry Polhemus Martin). Leonard Proctor was our (my) 6th Great Grandfather. (We are currently trying to aquire more proof of this line... it is not 100% certain)

8. Jessie Heath (b1759) is listed on the U.S. Revolutionary War Rolls 1775-1783 from the state of Vermont. His tombstone lists him as a Captain. He was the Great grandfather of Una Alloise Page who was the mother of Jennie Fortune Paige who was my grandmother. Jessie Heath was our (my) 5th Great grandfather.

9. Zebadiah Heath enlisted in expedition against Crown point in May 1756 and was discharged Dec 1756 from Hampstead NH in Samuel Watt's Company in Col Nathaniel Merserves's Regt. The records of the War Dept, Wash. DC show that Zebadiah Heath served in Rev War as a Private. Entered service 4 May 1775 and served 3 mos 5 days. MIA July 1777 in a battle against Burgoyne near Valley Forge (either the location or date is incorrect) and declared dead Aug 1777. Zebadiah Heath is one of two of our ancestors who we know died in the revolutionary war. Zebadiah Heath was the father of the above mentioned Jessie Heath and our (my) 6th Great grandfather.

10. James PIKE Jr. (b1752) in Plaistow, Rockingham, New Hampshire. He died in 1837. After the birth of their first child, Hannah, the family moved to Goffstown, N.H. and from there to Andover, N.H. where James was a collector of the "Red District" of Andover in 1790 and some years after. He was at the Battle of Bunker Hill and was wounded. He was also at the alarm at Concord and Lexington, the first battle(s) of the revolutionary war. James Pike Jr was the 2nd Great grandfather of Una Alloise Page, who was the mother of my grandmother Jennie Fortune Page. He was our (my) 5th Great grandfather.

11. James PIKE Sr. (b1725) in Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts. He died in 1811. James Pike was a man of much importance during the troublesome Revolutionary times. He (with his above mentioned son) was at the battle of Bunker Hill and the alarm at Concord and Lexington. As early as 1748, when trouble was caused in the affairs of the town "by those who lately came among us," an appeal was made to the citizens signed by prominent men, among whom appears the name of James Pike, also John George, brother of his wife. He was on various committees of Correspondence and Safety. James Pike was the 3rd Great Grandfather of Una Alloise Page, who was the mother of my grandmother Jennie Fortune Page. He was our (my) 6th Great grandfather.

12. Simeon PIKE, son of James Pike Sr. and brother of James Pike Jr (b1747) in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts. He died on 17 June 1775 in Boston Massachusetts while fighting along side his father and brother at the battle of Bunker Hill. Was at Lexington on April 19, 1775, and was one of the two from New Hampshire who were killed at Bunker Hill. He was not in our direct line.

13. Hugh Pike son of James Pike Sr. and brother of James Pike Jr. (b1762) Served in the Continental Army for one month and ten days at Castle Island throwing up defenses. He enlisted in Captain James Mallon's company, although but seventeen. After his marriage he lived in Beverly. Had four children. He was not in our direct line.

14. Hugh Pike Jr, son of Hugh Pike, grandson of James Pike Sr. and nephew of James Pike Jr. (b1787) He was a member of the Salem Artillery Company; enlisted for War of 1812; served six months on home duty, subject to call. The call came and preparations were made to go when word came that peace was declared. His sword and fife are in the family. He was not in our direct line.

15 John O. Page (b1787) Served in War of 1812. 2nd Great Grandfather of Jennie Fortune Page, my grandfather. John O Page was our (my) 4th Great grandfather.

16. ABIJAH Learned (b1729) "Abijah Learned died on his way home from the first Revolutionary legislature, convened 1776 in New Hampshire, and on his return from its session, was taken sick and died very suddenly of pleurisy, at Lancaster, at the house of Seth Wales, about forty miles from home. His son, Abel came down the Connecticut River in a birch bark canoe and met the procession bearing his father's body to the grave." This information came from the Learned Family book date 1898. Although not listed as a soldier, his part in the creation of the constitution of New Hampshire deems him worthy of mention. He was our (my) 5th Great grandfather.

17. ABIJAH Learned (b1760) Abijah Learned served two years during the Revolution in Capt. Ewings company, Col. Crane's regiment (Nat'l arch. Rev. Pens. No. 8016); He died in Ashtabula County (Ohio??) 10 Jan 1844. He was the son of the above mentioned Abijah Learned. He was not in our direct line.
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