*New* Registration Process on WebAdvisor

Effective October 15, 2012


When Spring 2013 registration opens on Monday, October 15, you will now be required to register in a new way through the Program Evaluation feature on WebAdvisor.  As you know, Financial Aid will not pay for courses outside of your major, so registering in this new way will prevent you from ending up in classes that are not within your official program of study – which could result in your having an unpaid tuition balance.

Before you register, please check your status on WebAdvisor to confirm that you are in the correct major.  If you need to change your major, please complete a Change of Major form (available in the Student Records Office on the Beaufort campus, the Student Services Office on the New River Campus and through administrators at the Hampton and Whale Branch campus locations).   As always, once you have registered, check your schedule carefully for accuracy and note the tuition payment deadline.

To register in this new way, follow the 14-step instructions provided below.  If you have questions about this new registration process or would like to register for courses outside of your major and pay for them with your own funds, please contact the Student Records Office at (843)525-8210.

NEW REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS – Effective October 15, 2012


1.    Log into WebAdvisor:





2.    Select the Students link:


3.    Under “Academic Profile” choose “Program Evaluation”.


4.    Choose the program and “All (includes planned)”.

In most cases there will only be one active program.



An “Academic Evaluation” will be displayed. This will tell the system which courses are required to complete the selected program.



5.    Under Registration, choose “Register for Sections”:


6.    Choose the “Register Using Course Planning Wizard”:


Choosing any other value may result in an error:



7.    Verify the program:











8.    Choose a requirement:


9.  Choose a sub requirement:







10.                      Choose one or more of the courses in this requirement > subrequirement:


11.                      Choose a course section from the list of sections (submit):



12.                      Find the section into which you want to register, and choose “Register” in the drop down box (submit):



13.                      View the registration results:








14.                      The Program Confirmation screen is displayed.                 (step 7 above)


Repeat steps 7 - 14 to register in more sections.



Hit the BACK button on your web browser to return to WebAdvisor.