House Vision of the Night

 C. Alan Martin


This message is being presented as a warning. I am not using flashy graphics or hyperbolic wording to present this message. No huge headlines or repeated exclamation marks at the end of every sentence. The message is amazing as is. It needs no embellishment or decoration. If you can read this simple message and grasp the significance of what is being said, then the message itself will shock an amaze you. I can confidently say that if you read this and grasp what is being said, you will believe. The probability of the existence of  this message and with the prophecies coming to pass are astronomical. The vision of the night was received in 1971, and since this message was released in 1994, it has gone around the world and been read by millions of people. The meaning has be debated exhaustively and today masses of people are watching as the prophesy is played out. I am adding these pages to my website so you will have the correct story. Much fog has be released into the meanings and interpretation of the vision of the night and the truth has become vague and difficult to see. I want to dispel that fog and present the story and vision as it was presented over 45 years ago.
I am not trying to sell you this message. It is free. I do write and sell books, but not this one. If I could print the books and give them away I would. I have nothing to gain from this. I will not become famous or popular because of this message. Honestly, nobody wants to hear what I am telling here. I do not even like it. Yet it is a message that has to be shared. You will understand when you read the included material. It is short and sweet(not so sweet). I make no attempt to talk you into anything. I make an effort to not suggest any meaning. You should be able to discern, using common sense and logic, both the meaning and the significance of what is being shared.



Childhood neighborhood in Massena NY.

12 houses in the Dream.

23 years later, the key is given.

The Houses are Presidential Administrations.

What about the other houses on the block?

44 houses 44 administrations.


If you know me you will also know that in 1971, shortly after I was saved, I had a "vision of the night" involving a row of houses that actually exist in my childhood neighborhood.
Current events concerning a number of individuals and events has prompted me to share this message once again in and updated format. I would have to say things are coming to a head. These pages (below) on my website touch upon just one aspect of the vision of the night and subsequent dreams I have had over the last 45 years. These webpages are very short in length and have images that explain and illustrate the progressive nature of the revelation I have received. This has been a lifelong process the Lord has brought me through and things about this vision of the night are still a mystery and things are still being revealed. But I believe that many aspects of the vision are now coming together. This is only one aspect. I am leaving the meat of the vision of the night out of this these pages, and only reviewing the 12/44 "houses" and their meaning. These webpages and their specific content are not really up for discussion, this is only for information. I am fully aware of the arguments about extra-Biblical revelation and  even though I am confident that these are from God, I would suggest the a wise course here: do not blindly accept any dream, vision, or prophecy you may hear. Be discerning. But the word says "your old young men will have visions and your old men will dream dreams." So here is a man who had a vision of the night when he was young and, who as an old man now, dream dreams. So have a look. I will share more of the actual vision of the night and some of the subsequent dreams and revelations. The pages were pulled from some emails I sent to some folks so I know so they may seem clunky. I think you can make out what is being said. The "Houses" aspect of this revelation review starts here.

While the above message is absolutely free, I do offer a couple publications that may assist you in your preparation and understanding of what and why these things are happening and about to happen. May the Lord Bless you in all things as you are obedient to his voice and His Spirit.

House Vision of the Night. (free PDF that details the Vision of the Night).

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