So, you have a general idea of the layout of my childhood neighborhood. We moved from this neighborhood in about 1968. My mother died in 67, dad remarried n 69, and we eventually moved to Pittsburgh in the fall of 1970.

I was saved in spring of 1971. Within a month or so I had a dream. I know, everyone has dreams and our eyes kind of glaze over when we hear others talk about theirs. We be polite and listen, and the quickly forget about it. But this was a very special dream. There was a “power” or presence behind it so much so that that “feeling” lingered with me for days afterward.

I am not going to share all the details right now. I just want to stick with the neighborhood part.

Here is the map of the dream.

If you look back at the previous map, you will notice that this is from the top of the image where Washington Street comes to a corner of the “block” and turns right on to Madison. In the dream the 12 houses I have labeled here stood out. In the dream I was standing on the top of the hill, see the red X. The row of houses spread out before me from the left to the right like a panorama. Other things happened in the sky and along the back yards of these houses like deep black clouds, a black sun, a red moon, and an arc of six stars of which one fell like a fig from a tree and a very evil man who claims to be of God…. I assumed from that #12 house.