Of course I had no idea what this meant. I had just turned 17 and still pretty ignorant about….. everything.

I thought and pondered on it for a long time. Years! It has to mean something. It was not a normal dream.


For the next 20 years I continued to have dreams along the theme of these houses and the neighborhood. Still no idea what this is all about.


23 years later (about 1994) I have another dream. It is another one of those special dreams. Now it is going to start to get a little crazy so bear with me.

Once again I am back in the neighborhood. In the dream I am 8 or 10 years old. As a kid we loved the model rockets. All the kids on the block would build rockets, buy engines, and we would all get together on an assigned date to have a launch-a-thon. In fact people would come from near and far to watch. They would bring out their cooler and beers and lawn chairs and all would have a good time. My Aunt Millie (my father’s sister) used to call me her “little rocket boy.”


So in this dream I launch my rocket. It flies high into the sky, rolls over, and _turns into a glider(?). It turns south and glides down toward our afore mentioned row of houses. As always we all run after it to make sure it does not get lost. I run across the street from our house, down the hill next to house #4 and into the back yard of house #3. I see the glider come to rest in the back of house #2. As I travel through the back yard of house #3 I look down and see a magazine. It is a “LIFE” magazine and on the cover is a picture of President John F. Kennedy, who was president when I was that age. There is a caption on the cover that says “In Memory of Dead Presidents.”

At that moment I knew that these houses all represent presidential administrations, and I was standing in the back yard of the one representing JFK. It later came to me that the “little rocket” landed in the back yard of the Eisenhower Administration - the administration when I (little rocket boy) was born.

So X is where the rocket was launched, Y the place the rocket landed, and Z where I saw the JFK magazine.



More to come…