So I get out my map and I begin to mark it up.

Starting with JFK I then drop back 2 houses and mark Truman and Eisenhower. 1 and 2 on my list of houses.

I follow through all the way to the 12th house. Which just happens to be 44 – Barak Obama. Remember I had this dream in 1971… 44 years ago.

In this map I have added the numbers of each president’s administration. These houses represent the presidents from Truman(33) through Obama(44) - the last house in my dream.

Just to make it a little more interesting… the last thing I did in that 1971 dream was to run down the hill and climb the fence into the back yard of the house representing President Nixon (house 5, president 37), who just happened to be president when I was saved and living in Pittsburgh. Again, that house was being marked in time as my entry, as a Christian, into the timeline. I actually could have figured out that these were presidential administrations then– if I had thought of it. I might have if I had been a little older and a little wiser.