So I pull out that map and start to count backward from Truman, labeling each house as I go.

I get to the first corner and that is #29 = Woodrow Wilson.

I go all the way down to the corner of Monroe Parkway and there is Fillmore Pierce.

Next corner is James Madison – president # 5.

Finally I count backwards down to the last available house in the loop before we get to Obama, and it low and behold it is the first president = #1 –George Washington.

So this block has exactly 44 presidential administrations from Washington all the way around to Obama. So first off… what are the odds?

The dream indicates that something is going to happen… it is over his house that the star fell.

What, in your opinion does this mean?

One last thing. On that magazine it said “In memory of dead presidents.”

There are 8 presidents on this street(Washington street) before we "turn the corner" on to Madison Avenue. Only one president on this street is still alive – Jimmy Carter, who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer and may have only weeks to live. We pray he recovers and lives an even longer and healthy life!!!!

But if we understand that this is a street "In memory of dead presidents," then we could conclude that when he goes(may he live forever!), we will finally turn that corner onto the street where the dark clouds, the dark sun, the red moon, and the falling star appear in the sky.


There are many other dreams and aspects of the ones I mentioned.  

In the last dream I had I saw a man from the power company climb up the power pole next to house #12.

He reached up, cut the power, and a voice said: “lights out!”


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